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 Do you have relationship issues?

Are you emotionally cold sometimes?

 Do you have problems with giving and receiving love?

 Do you feel an inner sadness?

 Do you have heart problems, or shoulder- and neck pain?

All this issues can occur due to a heartwall.

During periods of emotional pain, or stress, the heart can be hurt (heartache, broken heart). Sometimes we build up a protective wall around our hearts, like an onion consisting of different layers of  'trapped emotions'. Dr. Bradley Nelson called this protection-shield 'heart wall'. The heart wall is similar to a bomb shelter, that makes sense short term - while the bombs are falling. But if you stay in the shelter long term, physical and mental imbalances can occur.

The good news: *** The heartwall can be removed and your heart set free. ***

The trapped emotions in the heartwall get identified with kinesiologic muscle testing and released with a magnet.

Release heartwall (3-5 sessions): Make appointment