Dance to the beat of your own drum!


As an intuitive psychologist my vision is to help people to be aligned with their true self, be happy and follow theirs hearts voice.

I was fortunate to receive a unique gift from nature: Since childhood I have been able to see the energy fields of a humans and know wether they are in tune with their purpose or not. I see the causes of a problem in the energy field and know with the help of my intuition when and in what way the blockage has manifested. 

I was born and raised in Austria. While at school, wherever I went, I was a magnet for friends and classmates when it came to counseling in love affairs. Not that I could have boasted of extraordinary experience in this area, it was more my ability to empathize with their "beloved" without necessarily having met them. The psychology of mankind intrigued me so much that I studied psychology. During my time at university, I absorbed everything I could learn about the human psyche. My fire was kindled. I wanted to know more. I traveled to the USA, to England and to Germany to learn from the gurus of our time: my mentors were Anthony Robbins, Roman Braun (NLP), John Grinder (NLP cofounder), Art Berg (The impossible just takes a little longer ), Frank Farrelly (Provocative Therapy), Wyatt Woodsmall (Graves Model), Keith Johnston (Improvisation Theater), Sonia Choquette (Intuition Training) and Dr. Bradley Nelson ( Emotion Code ).  

Additionally in order to accommodate my own enthusiasm for sports, I studied sports science  and during my  studies I worked as a personal trainer.

But as you know, the 'University of Life' is the best place to study. I suffered from physical pain and chronic inflammation for some time in my life. I also did not miss burnout. That's how life taught me, that body and psyche are merged together.  From my twenties onwards I felt a void in me, which led me to search for my purpose in this life. I traveled the world, worked in various fields, tried out some hobbies like mountain climbing, windsurfing, biking, dancing, experimenting with spiritual techniques, but nothing could fill the void for long. The dissolution of a family constellation and the release of trapped emotions helped me to become more secure. I found the final end of my inner sense of emptiness on a trip to Maui/Hawaii. I did not feel well on these islands at all. For ten days I talked to almost nobody, I was on my own, it was like an involuntary silence retreat. I just wanted to get away. One evening, the book ,What I know for sure‘, by Oprah Winfreys literally fell on my feet. I went to the beach and read a passage where Oprah described that any time she is about to do something, she waits for the inner ‚go‘ before she moves on. I closed my eyes to think about this message and suddenly it felt like I was stretching inside, I was connected to everything, universal energy flow into me. Deep contentment seized me. I knew I was in the right place at the right time: I had found what I was looking for: the contact with my true self, my heart's voice. I knew I just needed to sit back and would be guided from now on. I left Maui and continued to travel to the Dominican Republic. From then on my intuition was directing me and coincidences happend on a daily basis. At the right moment I met the right people and at the right time I was in the right place. My life has slowed down since then in a positive way. And my heart received a voice. 

For more than ten years, I have coached thousands of people and have developed a method that helps people to raise their energy vibration and get aligned with their true self. I teach my clients to trust in their by nature supplied radar system - their intuition - and to let their heart's voice guide them and manifest things and situations.

Additionally to my coaching I am an inspirational speaker.

Since 2012 I‘m am writing novels (under pseudonym).

My private time i spend with family and friends. I love latindance, singing, windsurfing, spending time in nature and everything that has to do with getting 'back to the roots'.