Follow your heart!


 Does something prevent you from being happy?
 Do you feel you have blockages in an area of your life (health, relationship, abundance, inner peace)?
 Do you have trapped emotions
 Do you want to get rid of your heartwall?
 Do you want to be aligned with your true self, guided by your hearts voice and live your purpose?
 Do you know that your intuition would guide you to your dreamlife, but you have no clue how to get in contact with it?

Your subconscious mind is running more than 95% of your thoughts, emotions and actions in life, whereas your conscious mind is controlling less than 5%. So it might be intelligent, to listen to the expert: the subconscious mind. If trapped emotions, negative beliefs, or issues in the familysystem are stored in the memory of your subconscious mind, it is difficult to move on in life.

As an intuitive psychologist I help you to release energy blocks that keep  you from moving on in any area of life. Nature gave me a unique gift: At an early age, I discovered that I can see peoples energyfields, so I know, if somebody is aligned with his purpose, or has energy blocks. I use my intuition and kinesiologic muscle testing to target the causes and help you clear away the blocks from your energy field.